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Doraemon X APK, the worlds of puzzles, adventure, and role-playing. If you’re a devoted enthusiast of this genre, look no further, as this game is specially crafted to cater to your preferences. Drawing its inspiration from the renowned cartoon, the journey you embark upon will resonate with a comforting familiarity, as you engage in exhilarating exploits.

Updated to version 2.0.9c

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App Information

App NameDoraemon X Apk
App Versionv2.0.9c
App Size100.2 MB
UpdatedMay 01, 2024
Version Required5.0 and up
Offered byDoraemon X
Released onNov 21, 2018
CategoryAdventure Entertainment, Games, etc
App By Doraemon
Available On Google Play, App Store
PlatformiOS, Android and Other

Doraemon X APK v2.0.9c [Latest Version] Download 2024

Doraemon X APK is an exhilarating and groundbreaking mobile app that immerses users in a captivating virtual realm alongside the cherished robotic cat Doraemon. This remarkable application fulfills the desires of devoted enthusiasts of the renowned Japanese manga and anime franchise by providing a diverse array of amusement and exploration, sure to enchant both young and old. In the following sections, we delve into the mesmerizing universe of Doraemon X APK, its functionalities, and the factors contributing to its widespread acclaim.

Gameplay of Doraemon X

Doraemon X Apk takes players on an extraordinary gaming journey, immersing them in an enthralling and exciting adventure. As Doraemon’s devoted sidekick, players embark on thrilling quests and missions alongside the renowned robotic cat in an expansive and enchanting universe.

Meticulously designed game mechanics cater to all age groups, allowing interactions with beloved characters to conquer challenging puzzles, defeat formidable foes, and collect rewards. The inclusion of captivating mini-games adds to the excitement, while consistent updates ensure a fresh and engaging experience.

Doraemon X delivers an unparalleled gaming experience, seamlessly blending beloved manga and anime charm with innovative gameplay mechanics to captivate players of all ages.

Game Modes

Doraemon X Apk. Game modes in video games offer diverse experiences, from single-player campaigns with engaging narratives to multiplayer competitions and cooperation. Popular modes include Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Battle Royale, where players strive for victory through various challenges.

Time Trials test speed, while Co-op allows teamwork in completing objectives. Free-for-All pits players against each other, and Story Mode focuses on narratives and exploration. Endless Mode offers continuous challenges for high scores or survival. These game modes enrich gameplay, keeping it exciting and varied for players.

Doraemon X User Interface (UI)

  1. Home or Main Menu: This option often leads back to the main screen or menu of the game or application.
  2. Play or Start: This button allows the user to begin playing the game or accessing the main features of the application.
  3. Settings: This option takes users to a settings menu where they can customize various aspects of the game or application, such as sound, graphics, or controls.
  4. Help or Tutorial: This button provides assistance or guidance on how to play the game or use the application effectively.

User Experience (UX)

  • User-Friendly Interface: The game should have a simple, easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Engaging Gameplay: The gameplay should immerse players in the Doraemon universe and offer challenging puzzles.
  • Intuitive Controls: Responsive controls that allow easy interaction with Doraemon’s gadgets are crucial.
  • Doraemon Theme: The visual design should evoke nostalgia for fans by incorporating elements from the anime.
  • Well-Designed Gadgets: If the game involves using Doraemon’s gadgets, they should be enjoyable and well-designed.
  • Smooth Performance: The game should run without major technical problems, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Balanced Advancement System: A well-balanced progression system should reward players for their accomplishments, providing satisfaction.
  • Clear Feedback and Interactivity: Interactive features and clear feedback help players understand the game rules and maintain interest throughout the experience.

How To Install Doraemon X Apk

  1. Dorarmon X APK: Visit the [Dorarmon X APK] to download the APK file.
  2. Search for the App: Use the search bar at the top of the screen to find the app you want to install. Type “Adventure World” into the search bar and tap the magnifying glass icon.
  3. Select the App: From the search results, tap on “Adventure World” to access the app’s page.
  4. Check App Details: On the app’s page, you can explore more about “Adventure World.” Read the app description, view screenshots, and check user reviews to get a better understanding of the app.
  5. Review Permissions: Assess the app’s permissions to ensure they are acceptable to you. Tap on “Permissions” to see what the app can access on your device.
  6. Install the App: If you’re satisfied with the app, tap the “Install” button. You might need to grant certain permissions during the installation process.
  7. Wait for Installation: The download and installation will begin automatically. Once the process is completed, you’ll see the “Open” button on the app’s page.
  8. Open the App: Tap “Open” to launch “Adventure World.” Alternatively, you can find the app’s icon on your home screen or in the app drawer and tap it to open the app.

How to Play Doraemon X Apk?

  • Open the Game: After installation, locate the Doraemon X icon on your device’s home screen or app drawer. Tap on it to open the game.
  • Game Controls: The game should have intuitive controls for playing. Follow the on-screen instructions or tutorials to understand the gameplay mechanics, including how to move, interact with objects, and use Doraemon’s gadgets.
  • Complete Missions and Challenges: Doraemon X may have missions or challenges to complete. Follow the storyline or objectives provided in the game to progress through the levels.
  • Utilize Gadgets: In the Doraemon universe, gadgets play a significant role. Make sure to use Doraemon’s gadgets strategically to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies.

Characters List

  • Doraemon – An animated feline from the 22nd century who time travels to help Nobita with futuristic gadgets.
  • Nobita – A young boy who frequently seeks Doraemon’s assistance to escape tricky situations.
  • Shizuka – Nobita’s kind classmate and a close friend.
  • Gian – An imposing character in Nobita’s circle.
  • Suneo – A wealthy friend of Nobita and Gian.
  • Dorami – Doraemon’s sister who plays a role in the adventures.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Nobi – Nobita’s parents, adding to the storyline.
  • Shizuka’s mother is also part of the story.
  • Dekisugi – An intelligent character in the series.
  • Jaiko – Gian’s friendly sister.
  • Sneech – A robotic dog that joins the cast.

Introducing New Characters

Character NameDescription
Dazzling DottieA spirited inventor with a penchant for gadgets and gizmos.
Marvelous MaxA brave explorer who’s always ready for adventure.
Whimsical WillowA mysterious enchantress with a knack for magic and mischief.
Courageous ClydeA noble knight sworn to protect the realm from darkness.
Curious ClaraAn inquisitive scholar on a quest for knowledge and discovery.
Fearless FelixA daring pirate captain with a heart of gold and a thirst for treasure.
Radiant RubyA celestial being who brings light and hope to all she encounters.
Sly SebastianA cunning trickster who walks the fine line between friend and foe.
Mystic MayaA wise sage with ancient wisdom and mystical powers.
Adventurous AlexA young explorer with a thirst for adventure and a heart of bravery.

Popular Cartoon Characters

Mickey MouseDisney’s Mickey Mouse
Bugs BunnyLooney Tunes
SpongeBob SquarePantsSpongeBob SquarePants
Tom and JerryTom and Jerry
Homer SimpsonThe Simpsons
Spider-ManSpider-Man (Marvel Comics)
BatmanBatman (DC Comics)

Features Doraemon X

  • Doraemon is a beloved protagonist known for his futuristic gadgets and inventions used to help his friend Nobita in the Japanese manga and anime series.
  • The Doraemon franchise often collaborates with different brands and products, resulting in the creation of exclusive collectibles, video games, and other forms of media.
  • “Doraemon X” might have become a significant addition or product since the last update, and it’s advisable to find current information from reliable sources like news outlets or the official Doraemon franchise website to understand its essence and connection to the Doraemon universe.

Unlocked All Features

  • The Doraemon X Modified Apk provides an enhanced gaming experience with Unlocked All capabilities for players.
  • This altered version grants immediate access to premium content, characters, levels, and in-game items without the need for purchases or grinding.
  • Players can enjoy unlimited resources, improved character abilities, and an ad-free environment in the modified version.
  • The modified version introduces personalization options and a fast progression system.
  • Premium features and exclusive in-game items not found in the standard edition are accessible to players using this modified version.
  • However, using modified app versions may breach the original game developer’s terms and could result in potential account suspension.
  • It is important to use such versions responsibly and at your own risk.

Different Kinds of Puzzles

  • Jigsaw puzzles: A classic puzzle where players assemble pieces to form a complete picture.
  • Crossword puzzles: Word-based puzzles where players fill in a grid based on given clues.
  • Sudoku: Number-based puzzles with a 9×9 grid that require logical thinking and number placement.
  • Word searches: Puzzles where players find specific words hidden in a grid of letters.
  • Logic puzzles: Challenges that involve deductive reasoning to solve complex problems.
  • Maze puzzles: Puzzles where players navigate through a maze from start to finish.
  • Rubik’s Cube: A 3D combination puzzle requiring skill to solve the color-matching puzzle.
  • Tangrams: Chinese geometric puzzles where players rearrange seven shapes to form specific designs.
  • Rebus puzzles: Picture puzzles that represent words or phrases.
  • Cryptic puzzles: Word puzzles with cryptic clues that require careful analysis to solve.

Mini Games

Mini-games are short and simple games often included within larger video games or as standalone apps. They are designed to offer quick and enjoyable gameplay experiences. Some common types of mini-games include:

Puzzle Mini-games: Simple puzzles like matching games, memory games, or sliding puzzles.

Racing Mini-games: Quick races with simple controls and short tracks.

Shooting Mini-games: Short shooting challenges or target practice.

Platformer Mini-games: Short levels with jumping and obstacle challenges.

Endless Runner Mini-games: Continuous running games with obstacles to avoid.

Timing Mini-games: Games that require precise timing or rhythm-based actions.

Casual Mini-games: Easy and relaxing games like virtual pet care or gardening.

Arcade Mini-games: Classic arcade-style games with quick rounds and high scores.

Quiz Mini-games: Short quizzes or trivia challenges.

Match-3 Mini-games: Tile-matching games with quick rounds.

Mini-games serve as a diversion from the main gameplay, providing players with a break or a chance to earn rewards and enhance the overall gaming experience.

Graphics and Sound Quality

Doraemon X Apk. Graphics and sound quality significantly impact the gaming experience. High-quality graphics offer lifelike visuals with detailed textures and smooth animations. Advanced rendering techniques, like ray tracing, enhance immersion. Sound quality sets the game’s mood with high-fidelity effects, music, and voice acting. Realistic sound effects and spatial audio technologies further engage players. When graphics and sound are well-integrated, they create a captivating and enjoyable gaming journey, immersing players fully in virtual worlds.

Most Recent Version For Free

As an AI language model, I lack real-time access to information or specific software distribution channels. Hence, I cannot provide the most recent version of Doraemon X Apk or any other software for free. To obtain the latest version, I suggest visiting official app stores like Google Play Store for Android or the Apple App Store for iOS devices, ensuring safety and legitimacy.

Avoid downloading from unofficial sources to prevent potential issues with illegal or malicious software. Stick to official app stores for the genuine and secure version you seek.

Pros and Cons of Doraemon X

Heartwarming and family-friendly content:
“Doraemon X Apk” is known for its wholesome and entertaining stories that appeal to both children and adults, promoting positive values and life lessons.
Cultural differences may prevent viewers from feeling as strongly the resonance of some episodes of the series or being able to relate to them as strongly.
Technology and inventive devices: The series includes a wide range of technological and imaginative devices that give the stories a sense of wonder and imagination.Because the show is episodic, some viewers might find that some episodes are slower paced or less enjoyable than others.Some viewers might find that some episodes are slower paced or less entertaining than others because the show is episodic.
Iconic characters: The lovable characters, especially Doraemon and Nobita, have become beloved icons in Japanese pop culture and are recognized worldwide.Amount of content is overwhelming: Choosing where to start or catch up might be difficult for novices due to the abundance of episodes, movies, and manga chapters.
Long-standing popularity: The series has a dedicated fanbase that has grown over the decades since its inception in 1969, ensuring a wide audience for any related content.Repetitive themes: Some critics argue that certain themes and storylines in “Doraemon” may become repetitive over time.

Safety And Legality Doraemon X


  • Authenticity: Ensure that the product is an official release or authorized by the copyright holders. Counterfeit or unauthorized merchandise may not meet safety standards.
  • Source: Purchase from reputable sellers or official channels to reduce the risk of receiving low-quality or potentially unsafe products.
  • Age-appropriateness: Consider whether the product is suitable for the intended audience, especially if it’s related to a children’s franchise like “Doraemon.”


  • Copyright and Trademarks: Check whether the product complies with copyright and trademark laws. Unauthorized use of copyrighted characters or intellectual property is illegal.
  • Licensing and Permissions: Verify if the product has obtained proper licensing and permissions from the copyright owners.
  • Distribution Channels: Purchase from legitimate sources to support the creators and avoid involvement in illegal distribution or piracy.

Issues and Solutions of Doraemon X

Issues of “Doraemon X”Solutions
Lack of user engagementImprove storytelling and character development.
Technical glitchesRegular updates and bug fixes.
Unclear user interfaceRedesign the UI to be more intuitive and user-friendly.
Language barrier for non-Japanese usersAdd multilingual support or subtitles.
Limited content varietyIntroduce new and diverse storylines and gadgets.
High learning curve for new usersProvide interactive tutorials and guides.
Incompatibility with certain devicesOptimize the app for various platforms.
Unresponsive customer supportEnhance customer service and response times.

FAQs – Doraemon X APK

What is Doraemon X?

Doraemon X is an exciting new version or iteration of the beloved Japanese manga and anime series “Doraemon.” It may include new storylines, gadgets, characters, or interactive features to enhance the overall Doraemon experience.

Is Doraemon X an official release?

“Doraemon X” is not yet known to be getting an official release. It’s essential to check official sources or announcements from the creators to verify its authenticity.

Where can I watch or access Doraemon X Apk?

If Doraemon X becomes available, it may be accessible through official streaming platforms, app stores, or websites dedicated to Doraemon content. Check authorized sources for availability.

What new features can we expect in Doraemon X?

The specifics of Doraemon X’s features are unknown, but it might introduce new gadgets, story arcs, characters, or interactive elements to provide a fresh experience for fans.

Is Doraemon X suitable for all ages?

Doraemon X is probably going to be family-friendly and appropriate for all ages, just like prior Doraemon material and the original series

Can I watch Doraemon X without prior knowledge of the series?

While Doraemon X may introduce new elements, having some familiarity with the original Doraemon series could enhance the understanding and enjoyment of the content.

Will Doraemon X be available in multiple languages?

If Doraemon X is released globally, it may come with language options or subtitles to cater to an international audience.

Will there be merchandise or toys related to Doraemon X?

If Doraemon X gains popularity, it’s possible that merchandise, toys, or collectibles based on the new content may become available.

Does Doraemon X have an iOS or Android version?

If Doraemon X is a mobile application, iOS and Android users will certainly be able to download it. For updates, check the relevant app stores.

Is Doraemon X free to access or download?

If Doraemon X is released, the creators and distribution options will determine the price. It could be a one-time purchase fee or be accessible for free with optional in-app purchases.

Conclusion Doraemon X

Doraemon is a popular Japanese manga and anime series created by Fujiko F. Fujio. It follows the adventures of a robotic cat named Doraemon, who travels back in time from the 22nd century to help a young boy named Nobita Nobi with various gadgets and inventions. If “Doraemon X Apk” has become relevant or gained new significance after my last update, I wouldn’t have information about it. I recommend checking more recent sources for the latest developments in the Doraemon series or related media.

Disclaimer: This is not an Official website. We have no association with Doraemon X APK, All Credit is the Right of original App developers.